Ballots will begin to be mailed Monday the 12th, so by the time the next edition of this paper hits the streets some of you may have already voted. Unfortunately you will still be subjected to all the campaign ads until November 2nd, but it may decrease the number of phone calls from candidates as we approach Election Day.

Locally Fountain has a couple of questions about excess funds (as defined by TABOR), one for the baseball fields at Metcalf Park and one for future excess funds going for Economic Development. It is also asking for a lodging tax of 2 percent which is expected to amount to about $28,500 to be used to promote tourism and special events. It would add 80 cents to a $40.00 room at the local Super 8.

Fountains’ measure 2G and El Paso County’s 1A may read a little differently but they both would ban marijuana dispensaries in their respective jurisdiction. Both would allow the voter approved use of medical marijuana under the self grow/caregiver model. For Fountain residents who will see both measures on their ballots these are not pick one type of questions, a yes vote is needed on both to prohibit retail MMJ centers in Fountain and El Paso County.

Term limits are on the ballot for those county offices which have less than the 3 terms currently allowed other offices. If you want the ability to keep someone you feel is doing a good job for another term, or you want the satisfaction of throwing the bum out, vote yes. If you want to keep the current term limits vote no.

Almost half of those mail ballots are returned in the first week or so, but expect some close races for both candidates and issues. If you are voting by mail be sure to return your ballot to the Election Department no later than November 2nd. There will be some limited locations for early voting beginning on October 18 but all registered voters will have the ability to vote at their local polling place on November 2.