My name is Dennis Hisey and I would be honored to represent you in the newly redrawn Senate District 11. Colorado’s quality of life has been getting worse. Bad decision-making in Denver by the party in charge is costing El Paso County families dearly, but this decline is not unstoppable. Common-sense leadership can bring better schools, safer neighborhoods, and a lower cost of living. Those are my priorities in the Senate.”


About Dennis

Growing up rural outside of a small town in Oregon, Dennis understands and appreciates the value and satisfaction of doing a good day’s work whether that’s bucking hay, logging, running a business or representing his constituents at the State Capitol.

As a small business owner most of his adult life before entering public service as a county commissioner in El Paso County, Dennis understands how excessive government regulations hamper job creation and stifle the creative “can do” spirit that has fueled entrepreneurship and innovation throughout Colorado’s history.

A family man with five children and several grandchildren, Dennis and his wife Kathy enjoy the beauty and community of the Colorado Springs area.


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